Volunteer signups - No login required

Autumn means fun fall events, community fundraisers and volunteers!  Make it easy for your members, as well as non-members, to sign up to volunteer right from your club website - and with no login required.

With the Portalbuzz controls for the public club website, you can easily set up events and display open volunteer positions on your club website. Choose the volunteer positions that you want to display to the public - keep others hidden. You are in control! 

Why display volunteer positions on a club website?

  • Expand your club's reach into the community and get more helping hands for your events.
  • Increase membership - Non-members [potential members] can sign up from your club website to volunteer to work with your club. Working right along side your members gives potential members an opportunity to get to know about your club before joining. 
  • Show ways your club helps your community on your website. 
  • Members that don't log into the portal often can easily sign up to volunteer from the club website without needing to login to the portal. 
  • The functions make it easy to manage all club volunteer positions and needs for members and non-member volunteers in one central location. 
  • Information is easily accessible and organized so that more than one admin can view and manage volunteers and communications. 

It's easy to get started

  • The event administrator sets up the volunteer positions in the portal and clicks a checkbox to indicate if the positions should be displayed on the public website.
  • The Meetings & Events public website control will display the volunteer positions when the event detail is viewed.
  • Any signups from the club website are synced with the meeting and event section in the portal, making it easy to manage and track signups. 


Make it easy to signup to volunteer. On Facebook, post information about your event and direct potential volunteers to sign up on your website. Add a link in your Facebook post directing viewers to your event website page. People can find out more about your event, volunteer opportunities and your club. 

How To:

When you are ready to learn how to add volunteers to your website visit our support library for the easy step by step instructions. Once the control is configured, it's a simple click of a button. Questions? Just contact us at support@portalbuzz.com or click Help in the portal.

No Club Website?

Still don't have a club website yet? Try out the Portalbuzz Club Management program. With Portalbuzz, you get easy to use website templates and a password protected member portal to handle organizing, tackling and communicating just about everything your club does. 

Sign up for a free 30-day trial at Portalbuzz.com. Come see what great clubs are buzzing about!