Say Cheese! The importance of club website photos

This blog is part one of a two part series about photos and your club website.

A simple photo can say so much more than a paragraph of text. The point is made quickly and emotion is conveyed without a single word. After all, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Photos can help you to share information, communicate about what your club does, get the attention of potential members and even engage with volunteers join your cause.

Here are 4 tips for using photos on your club website:

1.    Keep it simple – The old saying says to keep things simple and your club homepage is no exception. Text is good and details are important so that members, potential members and volunteers have the information they need. However, use other pages for the text-heavy information. Keep your homepage visually interesting with updated and relevant photos or images.

2.    Keep it real – Show real people, real events, and real volunteers. Your readers love to see reality. Real photos help convey the culture of your club. Take photos that capture an emotion. There is a reason why some YouTube videos “go viral”.  Most times it’s something interesting, fun or cute. Those videos encapsulate an emotion and they get the viewer to engage with it. So the next time you tell the group to gather up in a lineup for a photo that will look like… a lineup, think about snapping a photo that captures your group in action instead.

3.    Keep it in focus – Don’t post fuzzy photos. Crisp photos look great on different types and sizes of devices and computers. Enough said.

4.    Fix it – That’s a great photo of the president, but the back of Larry’s head is showing at the bottom; crop your photo. The snapshot of the members manning the table at the Christmas Tree Lighting shows the members having a great time and serving in the community but it’s very dark;  lighten it up.  That great photo of your town is tilting to the right; adjust it. Sometimes a photo just needs a little help. Even professional photographers touch up photos. Use a free photo editor like to touch of your photos and getting them looking great!

Here are a couple of questions to ask about the photos on your homepage:

  • Are there any photos on the homepage? If not add one or two.

  • Are there photos in the news column? Photos or images are a great way to call attention to a news item.

  • Are the photos updated and relevant?

  • Could the photos use a little adjustment?

  • How do YOU feel when you look at the photos on your homepage? Do they capture your club story? If not, take out your camera or your phone and snap a few new shots. Say cheese!

How are you using photos in your club website? We'd love to know your comments and suggestions.

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