5 Easy ways to thank and appreciate your members

Happy club; Happy members. Members make your club happy, and involved members make your club better.  Your members are volunteers. They spend a lot of time making your club and your community better, so help keep your members happy. There are so many easy ways to thank members and show your appreciation. 

Let's face it, as club members, we are all different. However,  there are a few things that bind us together. We want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, perhaps we want to give back to the community or cause and may also want to use skills acquired over the years. It's not supposed to be stressful and yet many times it is. Many time volunteers and club members talk about feeling unappreciated. Then they stop coming to events, rarely come to meetings and either quit or just fade out. Being a part of a club is about community and a sense of belonging.

Member appreciation is a vital aspect of running and being a part of a great and thriving club. You need to express your appreciation and gratitude on a regular basis to keep your members happy, engaged and productive. 

Here are 5 easy ways to help members feel appreciated:

  1. Recognition in a meeting. Saying a simple “thank you” and acknowledging your members can go a long way. Share an accomplishment, praise or recognition during a club meeting. 
  2. Spotlight members on your club website. Write a "member of the month" or "volunteer of the quarter" article. Post a short article in the News column or a dedicated page in the website (Title suggestion: Member Spotlight/Member of the Month) where you can write the contribution of the member to the club.  Include the member's photo or a photo of them "in action" during the event.
  3. A quick email or text.  Emails, texts and social media provide easy and fast opportunities to recognize members for a job well done or emphasizing dedication to the club goals.
  4. Share "Kudos".  From time to time we all get feedback about an event or activity. Make sure members know what a great job that they are doing. 
  5. Check on your inactive members. If you have members who have been inactive for a while, contact them to let them know that they are remembered and appreciated. If they need help or require assistance, let them know you would be happy to assist them.

A simple and sincere "Thank you" and a genuine smile go a long way in thanking your members and showing them appreciation. . 

These are some of the simple yet effective ways to show your appreciation towards your members. How about you? How do you show your club members that you appreciate them? 

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