Still Wondering About Portalbuzz?

October always seems to be the busiest time of year here at Portalbuzz. We've been working with new secretaries and boards; new webmasters and members.  It's so exciting to see how clubs are using the Member Portal and their Public Websites to run their clubs better and reach out to members and their communities!  

New Portalbuzz Introduction Video

So many new clubs and groups are signing up to test drive Portalbuzz. They are asking what Portalbuzz is all about and so we answered the call. Ta-da!  

Click below to watch our new 5 minute video. You'll hear about the Portalbuzz story and get a high level view of the features and and benefits of the Portalbuzz website creator + club/member management program. 

You'll also find this video on our website at Portalbuzz.com at the bottom of the homepage and in the support area under "Getting Started".  Share it with others - The video provides a good overview for club members, officers or anyone else that might be interested in hearing how the Portalbuzz website + club management system can help with communication, club tasks, running events, billing and more. 

Test drive Portalbuzz for your group or club with a  free 30-day trial by clicking here

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Something new

The time has come for Portalbuzz to step into the blogging arena.  Portalbuzz has been so busy creating new features, creating new templates, working with new market segments, beefing up the knowledge base, working with old and new clubs and groups, that we have so much to talk about and share with you. We are 'buzzing' with tips and best practices, enhancements, how-tos, examples and more. 

A couple weeks ago, we revamped our Pinterest page so we could share things like great examples of how clubs and groups are using Portalbuzz. We love to see how creative clubs and groups are and we love to share what we find with others. 

Come along as we build something great!

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