Got Facebook? Is it all your club needs?

Minions talking about service clubs, technology and Facebook. 

Minions talking about service clubs, technology and Facebook. 

I've recently had conversations with a couple of clubs that went something like this:

Club: Ya, we're all set. We've got Facebook and we're getting all we need. 

Me/Portalbuzz: That's great. So you don't have a website?

Club: We've got Facebook; it's all we need.

Me/Portalbuzz: So, you don't need a website for your club?

Club: Nope...all set.

Me/Portalbuzz: So do volunteers and participants find out about your events?

How do you share your club story, advertise events and brag about club accomplishments?

How do potential members and volunteers find out about your club?

Where do you make club flyers or forms available?

How do people contact your club to attend meetings or events?

When someone is looking for YOUR CLUB and they do a search, who do they find?

If someone wants to donate to your club, can they do that from your Facebook account?

Club: Can we sign up?

Me:   :-)

A few other thing about Facebook and your club website:

  • A website provides your club with a little real estate on the web. It gives your club a professional cyber place to call home .
  • You can link to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, photo accounts or whatever other social media modes you like from your website.
  • You can post volunteer positions and sign ups on your website.
  • Collect money or sell items through a simple storefront. 
  • Add pages for special events like golf outings, wood-splitting events and pancake breakfasts. 
  • Facebook is the perfect compliment to your club website.

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