Clubs run better on Portalbuzz

Clubs run better on Portalbuzz

No club website? Still coordinating events using email? Tracking attendance and handling billing with spreadsheets? 

Website creator

Portalbuzz can make you club life easier. We've got a great website creator that allows you to update information whenever needed. No programming skills required, plenty of fresh new mobile-ready templates to choose from. Controls that save you time by syncing with your member portal. 

Member and admin portal 

Happy, engaged and productive members start with Portalbuzz too! Members have access to the information they need when they need it, all in one place.

New members onboard more quickly with information and who's who in the club, right at their finger tips. 

Got travelers or snowbirds in your club? The portal helps keep members that are not able to attend every meeting or event connected and involved in your club. 

Got awesome club leaders that could use some help? Really, who couldn't?  All the information that they need, including tools for scheduling meetings, volunteers, task, managing documents are all included in the tool.

Our online club management tools, including website creator + member portal provide one stop for every kind of  member! Clubs just run better on Portalbuzz.

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