February 3 Updates

Here are some updates from the past month:

NEW - New config to hide member details from other members (does not apply to Kiwanis)
NEW - For groups that use Parental management, parents can now edit children and sign them up for event volunteer positions.
UPDATE - Can now manage committee agendas and minutes from Committee Detail view
UPDATE - In the Billing area, when printing invoices it will order by recipient name
UPDATE - In the Billing area, search for individual member now possible
UPDATE - Removed non-functional "Division" filter from calendar
UPDATE - Changed default "Documents" view to the file manager
UPDATE - Photo album controls now support capitalization
UPDATE - Meeting responsibilities icons removed and descriptive buttons added
FIX - Templates with configurable headers not allowing new headers to be uploaded
FIX - Bug preventing all meetings and events from showing in the M&E area
FIX - Bug related to viewing committees

FIX - Misc bug fixes