February 12 Updates

Here are some updates posted today:

NEW - Committees - Option to allow members to sign up for committees. Option in Admin --> Organization settings
NEW - Committees - Your committees are bolded in committee list so you can quickly see which ones you are on
NEW - Public website theme (BETA 2015 Green 1 Mobile).  Horizontal menu allows for more content on pages with home page banner image replaceable in the Admin Tools --> Adjust Template area. Other color variations coming soon. See
http://model.portalbuzz.com/ for example. Note: This template will be in beta for a few weeks while we get feedback and make any adjustments. It is fully functional though.
UPDATE - Design of member area updated to look cleaner
UPDATE - Notifications are out of the menu and on the start page with the number of them and a count for new ones
FIX - Various small bug fixes