August 28 2014 Updates

We have been busy at work preparing the new billing module, so things have been a bit quiet. Here are some updates from this month:

NEW - Member field customizations.  Clubs can add or remove fields in the member records. Note: Does not apply to Kiwanis or Pilot International
NEW - In the billing module member types can be created. Those were added to the downloadable Excel of members. The option is called "Billing information" when generating the spreadsheet.
NEW - There is now a notification when a member removes themselves from an event volunteer list
FIX - Meeting attendance email links were going to the wrong screen if the user is logged in
FIX - The Picasa website control was not working due to a change by Google
UPDATE - The "Sign up" button on the start and events screens is not shown if it is a committee meeting or the event has no volunteer slots.