May 30 2014 Updates

NEW - In the 'Adjust template' area of the public website you can now configure how many news items to display in right side column. The values are 1-20.
NEW - If you have members who say they are not receiving emails through Portalbuzz, go to the Members screen (or Manage roles if Kiwanis) and look for a new cloud icon next to members. It indicates if they have opted out of emails or marked a previous email as spam and is not receiving emails through Portalbuzz.
UPDATE - When creating news items for the public website, you can now configure the date for the news item to start displaying. This allows you to schedule news to be displayed at a future date.
UPDATE - Public website calendar controls has checkbox to indicate if committee meetings should display in public calendar.
UPDATE - Now possible to remove email addresses when editing member (non-Kiwanis)
UPDATE - Event volunteers grid groups shifts together only by time
UPDATE - When composing an email and the box is checked to show a list of recipients in the email, only the admin will see that list and not the regular members.
UPDATE - When details for a meeting or event are viewed on the public site, the details open in a new screen instead of a popup window. This means you have the ability to link to event details if you needed to.
UPDATE - New config in Meeting & Events control for public site where you can configure how many meeting and events to display.