January 24 2014 Updates

FIX - File manager - Allow editing and deleting of folders
FIX - Event volunteers - Fixed issue where editing guest volunteer with no email would change all guest volunteers assigned
FIX - Calendar - Not loading properly in IE8
FIX - Compose email - If typing and select one of the autocomplete options and hit tab key it put two recipients, with one being invalid
FIX - Public news - Fixed issue where if any previous news items were blank it would cause an error
FIX - Event volunteers - Members cound not un-sign themselves up.  Clicking delete icon now works
FIX - Attendance stats - Excel spreadsheet now properly formatted
UPDATE - Meeting attendance - Makeups will now display the name of the item instead of the category (event, activity, etc)
UPDATE - Public website trackers - Moved location of trackers to just before the </head> tag on the pages
UPDATE - Paypal control on public sites - Updated to use AJAX so the page does not reload when adding items to cart