December 1 Updates

Here are some updates from the past month:

UPDATE - In the Billing area, changed the bulk invoicing so that specific member types could be selected instead of the only option being all of them.
UPDATE - Event list performance improved for clubs with a lot of events
UPDATE - Event volunteer shifts popup improved by defaulting dates and times to that of the event, and number of shifts not a box where the number is typed in.
UPDATE - In the public website admin area, removed the "delete" link from the pages.  Now pages can only be deleted from the Manage Pages function. Users were inadvertently deleting pages when they thought they were just removing them from the menu. 
UPDATE - In meeting & events control on public website the description field is now truncated after 200 characters.  Long descriptions were making the list too long.
UPDATE - New distribution lists have checkbox to show in email area checked by default
UPDATE - Downloadable payment reports in Billing area now splits out currenly and amount for improved sorting
FIX - Some attendance dates displaying incorrectly when editing
FIX - Parent/child emails not working for notifications
FIX - Problem when trying to add members to a committee
FIX - When adding/editing an event, the coordinator box was not scrollable
FIX - News column on public websites displaying inconsistently if a lot of HTML in the news article
FIX - Calendar not expanding days if long titles results in some being cut off