February 12 Updates

Here are some updates posted today:

NEW - Committees - Option to allow members to sign up for committees. Option in Admin --> Organization settings
NEW - Committees - Your committees are bolded in committee list so you can quickly see which ones you are on
NEW - Public website theme (BETA 2015 Green 1 Mobile).  Horizontal menu allows for more content on pages with home page banner image replaceable in the Admin Tools --> Adjust Template area. Other color variations coming soon. See
http://model.portalbuzz.com/ for example. Note: This template will be in beta for a few weeks while we get feedback and make any adjustments. It is fully functional though.
UPDATE - Design of member area updated to look cleaner
UPDATE - Notifications are out of the menu and on the start page with the number of them and a count for new ones
FIX - Various small bug fixes

February 3 Updates

Here are some updates from the past month:

NEW - New config to hide member details from other members (does not apply to Kiwanis)
NEW - For groups that use Parental management, parents can now edit children and sign them up for event volunteer positions.
UPDATE - Can now manage committee agendas and minutes from Committee Detail view
UPDATE - In the Billing area, when printing invoices it will order by recipient name
UPDATE - In the Billing area, search for individual member now possible
UPDATE - Removed non-functional "Division" filter from calendar
UPDATE - Changed default "Documents" view to the file manager
UPDATE - Photo album controls now support capitalization
UPDATE - Meeting responsibilities icons removed and descriptive buttons added
FIX - Templates with configurable headers not allowing new headers to be uploaded
FIX - Bug preventing all meetings and events from showing in the M&E area
FIX - Bug related to viewing committees

FIX - Misc bug fixes

December 1 Updates

Here are some updates from the past month:

UPDATE - In the Billing area, changed the bulk invoicing so that specific member types could be selected instead of the only option being all of them.
UPDATE - Event list performance improved for clubs with a lot of events
UPDATE - Event volunteer shifts popup improved by defaulting dates and times to that of the event, and number of shifts not a box where the number is typed in.
UPDATE - In the public website admin area, removed the "delete" link from the pages.  Now pages can only be deleted from the Manage Pages function. Users were inadvertently deleting pages when they thought they were just removing them from the menu. 
UPDATE - In meeting & events control on public website the description field is now truncated after 200 characters.  Long descriptions were making the list too long.
UPDATE - New distribution lists have checkbox to show in email area checked by default
UPDATE - Downloadable payment reports in Billing area now splits out currenly and amount for improved sorting
FIX - Some attendance dates displaying incorrectly when editing
FIX - Parent/child emails not working for notifications
FIX - Problem when trying to add members to a committee
FIX - When adding/editing an event, the coordinator box was not scrollable
FIX - News column on public websites displaying inconsistently if a lot of HTML in the news article
FIX - Calendar not expanding days if long titles results in some being cut off



October 9 2014 Updates

Here are some updates from today:

UPDATE - Built-in photo gallery redesigned
UPDATE - Meeting attendee tracking updated with new state indicating there has been no response
UPDATE - Event volunteer icons. Removed icons and replaced with descriptive buttons such as "Sign up member" or "Sign up guest"
FIX - Bug with attendance tracking on the last day of fiscal year
FIX - Various minor bug fixes



September 24 2014 Updates

Here are some updates from today:

UPDATE - Billing module invoices now show due date
UPDATE - Meeting & events control on public site reformatted to be cleaner looking and adjust to mobile devices better
UPDATE - Newsletter upload datepicker made easier to get to older dates
UPDATE - List of unpublished public website pages changed to sort descending
FIX - Uploaded newsletters fixed so that sending for large clubs does not throw an error
FIX - Event dates after daylight savings ends displaying incorrectly

September 5 2014 Updates

Here are some updates from today:

NEW - Billing module to managing dues billing of members
UPDATE - Member types from billing area added to Excel and PDF download of members
UPDATE - Regular members (non-Admin) can now download the PDF directory from the Members screen
UPDATE - Added event start time to notifications at top of menu
UPDATE - Administrators have access to attendance area by default
FIX - Notification management screens were missing variable dropdown to personalize notifications

August 28 2014 Updates

We have been busy at work preparing the new billing module, so things have been a bit quiet. Here are some updates from this month:

NEW - Member field customizations.  Clubs can add or remove fields in the member records. Note: Does not apply to Kiwanis or Pilot International
NEW - In the billing module member types can be created. Those were added to the downloadable Excel of members. The option is called "Billing information" when generating the spreadsheet.
NEW - There is now a notification when a member removes themselves from an event volunteer list
FIX - Meeting attendance email links were going to the wrong screen if the user is logged in
FIX - The Picasa website control was not working due to a change by Google
UPDATE - The "Sign up" button on the start and events screens is not shown if it is a committee meeting or the event has no volunteer slots.

June 3 2014 Updates

FIX - When administering the public website the banner ad images (if any) were displaying in non-https causing a security warning in some browsers
FIX - Meeting & Event Admin role was not seeing the add and edit icons for locations when editing a meeting or event
FIX - Admin menu bug where sometimes not all items would show up
FIX - Meeting & events control on public site displays correctly when the page is configured to show the news column
UPDATE - When entering hours in attendance area, entering a decimal required a leading zero if the value was less than one. This is no longer necessary.
UPDATE - Added suffixes IV and V to dropdown of members (non-Kiwanis)

May 30 2014 Updates

NEW - In the 'Adjust template' area of the public website you can now configure how many news items to display in right side column. The values are 1-20.
NEW - If you have members who say they are not receiving emails through Portalbuzz, go to the Members screen (or Manage roles if Kiwanis) and look for a new cloud icon next to members. It indicates if they have opted out of emails or marked a previous email as spam and is not receiving emails through Portalbuzz.
UPDATE - When creating news items for the public website, you can now configure the date for the news item to start displaying. This allows you to schedule news to be displayed at a future date.
UPDATE - Public website calendar controls has checkbox to indicate if committee meetings should display in public calendar.
UPDATE - Now possible to remove email addresses when editing member (non-Kiwanis)
UPDATE - Event volunteers grid groups shifts together only by time
UPDATE - When composing an email and the box is checked to show a list of recipients in the email, only the admin will see that list and not the regular members.
UPDATE - When details for a meeting or event are viewed on the public site, the details open in a new screen instead of a popup window. This means you have the ability to link to event details if you needed to.
UPDATE - New config in Meeting & Events control for public site where you can configure how many meeting and events to display.

May 13 2014 Update

NEW - Can now assign roles to officer positions. For example, you can set it so that current presidents automatically have administrator access just by being set as the president.  As soon as their term ends they will lose that access
UPDATE - Setting committee chairs simplified. No more clicking an add button
UPDATE - Choosing a year for setting committee members simplified
FIX - Email fields not showing when editing members with no email
FIX - Calendar bug affecting a small number of users
FIX - Public website bug affecting a small number of users

April 22 2014 Updates

NEW - Can now assign roles to officer positions, where if that position is assigned the member will have the specified roles.
UPDATE - Added roles filtering when viewing roles (Kiwanis-only)
UPDATE - Club Officers - Added 14-15 year

FIX - Reply-to with outgoing emails not being set properly
FIX - Birthdays now display in calendar (Kiwanis-only)
FIX - Addresses show in Mail Merge function (Kiwanis-only)
FIX - Event call sheet - Primary phone now displaying (Kiwanis-only)

April 10 2014 Updates

FIX - Excel download - Primary phone field missing
FIX - Email composing not showing bulleted lists
FIX - Event templates - Tasks not populating from templates when new event setup
FIX - Message Hub - DIgest of message incorrect
FIX - Meeting responsibility not allowing guests without email

March 7 2014 Updates

UPDATE - Compose email - New field for members the email SHOULD NOT go to...like sending to ALL MEMBERS but wanting to exclude one or two members
UPDATE - Compose email - When a recipient group is clicked it shows all of the names and emails in that group
UPDATE - Compose email - List of recipients stays in box for better aesthetic appeal
FIX - Meeting attendance - Makeups were being auto-applied even if they were already used in another meeting (Kiwanis-only)

March 5 2014 Updates

NEW - Help button on public websites
FIX - Printable directory throwing error for some users (Kiwanis-only)
FIX - Bug in printable event signup sheet when nickname had only space character
FIX - Error when sending email to non-member event volunteers and one has missing email
FIX - Attendance reports showed error when viewing in IE8


February 20 2014 Updates

NEW - Attendance participation report.  See details of the participation of members. Accessible through the secretary attendance area.
FIX - Printable directory was missing preferred address, preferred phone, sponsor, and affiliation (Kiwanis-only)
FIX - Events were not deleting when delete icon was clicked
FIX - Committee print function now only shows active committees
UPDATE - Downloadable spreadsheet now splits names into separate columns

February 14 2014 Updates

NEW - Support button for instant access to support articles and contacting Portalbuzz Support
FIX - Makeups were not importing into the monthly report (Kiwanis-only)
FIX - When email sent to multiple members, the list of members on the email was not sorted alphabetically
UPDATE - Meeting & Events role now has access to Locations Admin to add, edit, and delete locations

January 28 2014 Updates

FIX - Paypal control on public sites - Properly redirecting to Paypal site now
FIX - Attendance - Fixed issue where manual makeups could not be deleted
FIX - Start page - For Kiwanis clubs, clicking on make at top goes to proper profile edit screen
UPDATE - Committees - Chairs and admins are now able to update information for their committees.